What I do

Montana Cole has always been interested in photography and nature. The photographic work presented here in PLACES UNFOLD & STORIES TOLD are the result of her passion for both.

The Journey of Travels has taken her to Nepal, Thailand, Argentina, New Zealand and many more wonderful places around the globe. Her spirited dedication to the environment is why she loves photographing nature.

What I’ve done

She has a formal education in Environmental Studies and knows the importance of reconnecting to the biosphere, and becoming active stewards of the Earth System as a whole.

By weaving together these different perspectives she tells the story of where we have come from, where we are now, and the possibilities for our future.

How I do it

The artist states “As a living breathing planet, we cannot forget what a large part the natural environment plays in our lives and through my work I hope to bring awareness for more conservation to these sacred places.”

With her resolute documentation of our world we begin to stop seeing ourselves as separate from each other, from the planet and the cosmos, but as one diverse system.

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